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About Comfort Windows of America

The TRUE Factory Direct Window Solution for Texas.

For over 30 years the management team at Comfort Windows of America, have been involved in the fenestration industry. Our vast experience covers all phases of the window industry. From building our own window systems, which we’ve been doing since 2001 under the American Window label, to consulting, installation, and after care servicing. Today we offer to the public TRUE factory direct value. We build a wide variety of window products from the most affordable line to our most feature rich, energy efficient system. All designed to “make your house a comfortable home”. We are truly factory direct to you, offering the best and most affordable solution for your window problems. We build your windows, we install your windows, we service your windows, providing you with the best value and resulting in your comfort and peace of mind. 

Our factory direct process SAVES YOU MONEY.

By cutting out the middleman we are able to eliminate many of the unneeded steps, which add costs and blurs the lines of responsibility. 
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