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Introducing EnergyCore ™
The Most Energy-Efficient Window Ever.
Measuring Energy Performance 
The energy performance of a window is measured in several ways.

First, K-Value measures thermal 
conductivity, or rather how much 
energy an insulating material loses. 
In frames, a lower K-Value is better, 
because it means that the material 
reduces heat loss better.

R-Value is a measurement of thermal
efficiency and how well a material blocks the transference of energy. Higher R-Values mean better insulating ability.
When it's time for new windows in your home, you have the opportunity to make your home more energy efficient, saving your money on heating and cooling costs as you reduce your impact on the environment.

While there are many choices, one stands out as the most energy efficient window today: The EnergyCore Window.

There are many factors that influence how well a window performs, including the frame material, number of "lites" or
window panes, Lowe glass and the gasses and sealants between glass.

The EnergyCore Window is built with the most innovative technologies essential to
a window's overall energy performance. Combining superior frame technology with high performance components such as triple-pane glass and superior composite spacers, gives you the most energy-efficient, cost-saving window you can install in your home.
 The AirCell™ frame window was created using a patent-pending fusion-insulated process.

 This unique manufacturing process, fully insulates the frame and adds structural integrity to the window. 

Compared to other foam-filling processes that can leave voids, the fusion-insulated process eliminated all voids that can lead to energy loss.

 In fact, compared to all other frame types, EnergyCore with AirCell is stronger and delivers superior energy performance. In comparisons, EnergyCore reduces energy loss (blocks thermal conductivity) six times better than fiberglass, four times better than vinyl and three times better than wood..
In addition to a superior energy-efficient
frame system, the EnergyCore Window uses the best spacer in it class. Among the other high-performance components that make the EnergyCore Window the best in its class are the spacers that separate multiple panes of glass in the window's construction.

Duralite™ next-generation spacer with warm-edge technology uses no metal. It substitutes metal with a unique laminated composite. As a result, Duralite reduces thermal conductivity up to 45 percent.

When compare with other spacers, Duralite offers the lowest U-Value rating, the best condensation resistance, and is the best energy-efficient spacer system available.
EnergyCore Windows use 
by Cardinal. It delivers the ideal balance of solar energy reflection and visibility, providing the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings. The glass performance is a result of an industry-leading triple layer of silver that offers far better performance than ordinary low-E glass.
It harnesses the sun's UV rays to loosen dirt 
so that water can rinse it away.

The titanium dioxide layer of Neat glass reacts chemically with the ultraviolet rays, 
causing organic materials on the glass to 
decompose and easily rinse away, leaving
windows virtually spotless.
EnergyCore Windows are available in the following  window styles:
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